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A Monster Down "Wiggler" Lane?

Wiggler Lane, Sand Hammock Pond - Esto, Florida

As the legend goes, deep in the swamps of Esto is the home of a demon-possessed, red-eyed alligator monster that made his way down from Alabama more than 100 years ago. Known as the “Loch Ness Monster of Northwest Florida,” Two-Toe Tom gained his name when he caught one foot in a monstrous steel bear trap and escaped with only two toes. The monster is said to inhabit nearby Sand Hammock Pond at the end Wiggler Lane, as well as other lakes and swamps in the vicinity. The monster is said to be more than 20-feet-long and has a reputation for attacking both livestock and humans. He was first described in Carl Carmer’s 1934 travelogue, “Stars Fell on Alabama.” Esto celebrates his legend each year with its Two-Toe Tom Festival, and sightings of him continue to this day.

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