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Bring A Book And Take A Look!

This is the home site where famed author Laura Ingalls Wilder lived with her husband, Almanzo Wilder, and her daughter, Rose, from October 1891 until August 1892. Almanzo’s brother Peter already lived nearby and the family came in hopes of funding a climate that would be better for Mr. Wilder’s health. Although the hopes that the climate would help Almanzo were dashed, Mrs. Ingalls did write about her fascination with the area and particularly the native bug-eating pitcher plants that grew in bogs and wetlands. The family left in August 1892 for South Dakota and, of course, she went on to achieve fame as a writer. Laura Ingalls Wilder is best remembered today for her “Little House” series of books and for the television program that they inspired, “Little House on the Prairie.” Her daughter Rose Wilder later wrote a short fictional story about the family’s time here. Published under the title “Innocence” in the April 1922 issue of Harper’s, the story won the O. Henry Prize.

pitcher plant
Native Pitcher Plant - Holmes County, Florida

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